21 Bus Service

Metrobus announced yesterday that they would be withdrawing the 21 bus service from 4 April for the duration of the current crisis. This is as a result of Metrobus experiencing a high number of staff absences through self-isolation and caring for relatives. In addition, usage of the service has fallen: 12 passenger journeys were made on the route yesterday compared to 197 on 9 March.

Box Hill village is still served by the Demand Responsive Service with a regular shopping trip which operates every Monday. This service can be booked by calling the booking line Tel: 01883 732791.   The County Council has made the Demand Responsive Service aware that the 21 bus service is being withdrawn and that there may be additional journeys being requested from Box Hill.  The booking line staff will assist with passenger enquiries.

It is never an easy decision to withdraw a service but in these extraordinary circumstances it has not been possible to keep this service running. Once this crisis is all over bus services will return to normal routes and service levels.  If you do have any further questions, please come back to me.

County Councillor Hazel Watson