SES Water – Mains Replacement Update

Work is schedule to begin again from 12th October 2020 and we plan to finish by end of July 2021.

When possible, Clancy Docwra will be working 7:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However, these hours may vary depending on weather conditions, daylight and staff availability.

The work on these water mains can cause disruption and any oganisations should contact SES on 01737 772000 so they can:

  • Work closely to plan the specific timing, location and duration of works in the area
  • Work together to ensure deliveries can get through and customers can still access any shops, restaurants and businesses
  • Provide extra signage to ensure everyone knows it is ‘business as usual’
  • Share information on the scheme to be circulated to residents, customers, employees,

Where the work leads to unavoidable disruption to the usual operation of businesses, and in particular where there is clear evidence that the work has had an impact on the profits, SES will pay compensation for that loss. Please visit their website for more information about their policy for loss of business earnings.

SES Water – 01737 772000