NHS Seacole Centre at Headley Court has admitted its first patients

It has been announced that the NHS Seacole Centre has admitted its first patients. On a visit the NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said:

“While our country is now emerging from the initial peak of coronavirus, we’re now seeing a substantial new need for rehab and aftercare for Covid patients who’ve come through this terrible illness.

“Some may need care for tracheostomy wounds, ongoing therapy to recover heart, lung and muscle function, psychological treatment for post-intensive care syndrome and cognitive impairment, while others may need social care support for their everyday needs like washing and dressing.

“So the next phase of the health service’s coronavirus response will mean expanding and strengthening community health and care services in new ways, such as these new Seacole Centres.”

Headley Court is the first of its kind in England and was transformed into the Seacole Centre in just 35 days, thanks to the work of teams across Surrey Heartlands, including Surrey County Council, the military and the NHS.

David Preedy, Chair of Headley Parish Council commented:

“The local community is pleased that the facilities at Headley Court have been re-deployed at this time of national emergency.

“The heritage of Headley Court as a centre of excellence in rehabilitation has been re-invented to meet a new need (albeit on a temporary basis). We congratulate all those who have made this transformation possible.

“We are confident that patients here will receive excellent treatment in a unique setting and we hope that their time in Headley will put them firmly on the road to a full recovery. We wish them all well.”