Headley Court Planning Applications

In last night’s consideration of 2 key planning applications relating to Headley Court, Mole Valley councillors upheld the concerns expressed by Headley residents over the scale of the proposed development.

The Outline Application to redevelop the Mansion House element into a retirement community was rejected because of its excessive impact on the Green Belt and concerns about the protection for the heritage assets. Because this decision directly affected the Reserved Matters application for up to 70 houses on the Western element, this second application was deferred to allow updated information to be provided to Councillors.

In reaching their decisions, the Committee has heard arguments from Jon Laverty, Vice-Chair of the Parish Council, from a barrister representing HRAG, and from David Preedy in his role as District Councillor.

David Preedy, Chair of Headley Parish Council, commented: “This result shows how our community working together has made a real difference. I am particularly pleased that the Committee upheld the commitments made to Headley that all the buildings previously given personal permission to the Secretary of State for Defence should have been removed when the MoD left. This sets the scene for a redevelopment of Headley Court that respects the rural setting of our village and can muster community support.”