Detailed Design for Transform Leatherhead Riverside Park

On 4th February, Mole Valley District Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve funds for the detailed design of the Riverside Park in Leatherhead. The proposed design work would build upon initial concepts from the Transform Leatherhead Masterplan with fresh analysis, further consultation and detailed technical work.

Transform Leatherhead proposes to create a riverside destination for residents, workers and visitors with a vibrant environment. It will offer greater recreational opportunities for all and respect and highlight the natural and historic setting. In the Masterplan of 2016, the potential uses proposed to achieve these aims included: a decked viewing point; a more pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment; natural play area; a pedestrian footbridge and enhancing riverside walking and cycle paths to the Business Parks.

The Cabinet is being asked to allocate £100,000 from the Regeneration Reserve to procure a team to deliver fresh analysis, concept design, and develop the technical design of the new park.  The detailed designs would be developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders to build on the existing knowledge and ensure the historical and ecological contexts are understood.

Councillor Keira Vyvyan-Robinson, Cabinet Member for Projects, said, “Leatherhead’s riverside area is a beautiful local asset yet many visitors are unaware of its presence and even locals are not always aware of all it has to offer. A distinctive natural area, wildlife habitat, Local Nature Reserve and containing a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI) it is an area worth celebrating. Transform Leatherhead aims to enhance the area with greater recreational and environmental opportunities and improve its connections to the town. If the Cabinet approves the request for funding, a multi-disciplinary team will be appointed to work with MVDC to develop and deliver detailed plans to achieve this aim.”