21 Bus Service

Metrobus announced yesterday that they would be withdrawing the 21 bus service from 4 April for the duration of the current crisis. This is as a result of Metrobus experiencing a high number of staff absences through self-isolation and caring for relatives. In addition, usage of the service has fallen: 12 passenger journeys were made on the route yesterday compared to 197 on 9 March.

Box Hill village is still served by the Demand Responsive Service with a regular shopping trip which operates every Monday. This service can be booked by calling the booking line Tel: 01883 732791.   The County Council has made the Demand Responsive Service aware that the 21 bus service is being withdrawn and that there may be additional journeys being requested from Box Hill.  The booking line staff will assist with passenger enquiries.

It is never an easy decision to withdraw a service but in these extraordinary circumstances it has not been possible to keep this service running. Once this crisis is all over bus services will return to normal routes and service levels.  If you do have any further questions, please come back to me.

County Councillor Hazel Watson

Statement from Councillor Stephen Cooksey

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Stephen Cooksey said, “Last week was an extraordinary week for all of us and I would like to thank everybody in the district for pulling together and assisting each other, as we continue staying at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“Within the council we now have almost all of our staff working from home, they are providing vital services and virtual assistance within key areas such as Housing, Council Tax, Benefits and Business Support.

“Many of our staff are now fulfilling entirely different roles to their normal work as we partner with Surrey County Council, providing assistance via the Community Helpline – 0300 200 1008 for those who need non-emergency help.  Our website www.molevalley.gov.uk is available and whilst our offices are all closed you can call us between the hours of 8.30am – 5pm, on our normal number 01306 885001.

“A letter from myself and Mole Valley’s CEO Karen Brimacombe to all residents and businesses will arrive with everyone towards the end of this week, further detailing what we are doing and how you can find out more information.

“We have confirmed that all of Mole Valley District Council’s car parks are now free of charge until further notice, with our parking attendants busy ensuring our main roads and access for key deliveries are kept clear.

“We are heavily supporting businesses.  Our business support team, bolstered by other colleagues, is navigating the government’s new initiatives as they are issued.  Our website is up to date with all the grants and offers that can be applied for.  Please see www.molevalley.gov.uk and if you are a business, do check in daily to see what’s new.

“Residents have been contacting us about Council Tax payments, benefits and housing dilemmas and we are working at pace.  We are aware that some people will struggle to pay their Council Tax and if that is you, then please do contact us to discuss this.  Income from your Council Tax enables us to pay for vital services that support the vulnerable, these may be your family, friends and neighbours so if you can pay, please continue to do so as the funds for this are much needed.  We are pleased that our waste services have continued to operate a near normal service, if at any stage we have to change this we will ensure it is highlighted on our website and social media.

“We thank you again for supporting each other during this unprecedented time.  If you have the capacity to help others please do register via www.surreycc.gov.uk on the coronavirus pages, or call on 0300 200 1008.”

SES Water – Update

As you will probably be aware the roads through Headley are now fully open and the contactors have left the site. SES Water will advise us in advance when they plan to return to complete the work.

Statement from Councillor Stephen Cooksey – Mole Valley Together

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Stephen Cooksey said, “We are all working hard on providing vital services and assistance for residents and businesses in Mole Valley.  Whilst our offices are now all closed with the majority of our staff working from home, our website www.molevalley.gov.uk remains fully functioning and you can call us between the hours of 8.30am – 5pm on our normal number 01306 885001.

“We are working with Surrey County Council on their new Coronavirus Pandemic Helpline – 0300 200 1008.  This number can be dialled for non-emergency enquiries about support, such as picking up shopping, prescription collections or having someone who can be a telephone friend, or for direction to services who can help you in other ways.

“People in Mole Valley have been exemplary in their response to this national crisis, helping friends, family and neighbours.  If you have further capacity to help others we would ask you to register your support by calling 0300 200 1008 so this can be co-ordinated.

“We have launched an Emergency Fund for local organisations to apply to help them deliver services to help the district’s most vulnerable people.  Grants of up to £5,000 will be available. Please call us on 01306 885001 for more details on this.

“We are undertaking a huge amount of work in organising all the support on offer for our local businesses. We are moving as fast as we can on this and are managing a high speed flow of new information, so please see our website for updates, and keep checking social media for our news.

“Temporary parking permits are now available for our long term car parks for £30 for three months, this is to assist those who now unusually have their cars at home.

“In addition to this we have removed the time restrictions for Off-Peak permits. For the time being, these permits are valid in MVDC long term car parks outside of the specified off-peak times without any penalty.

“Our playgrounds are closed now for everyone’s safety.  We are fortunate in Mole Valley that we live in such beautiful surroundings, so those of you who are able to, can still go out for a walk as per government guidelines.

“We thank you for supporting each other during this unprecedented time, we are a resilient community and will continue to support each other.  We thank you all for staying at home, we will get through this by helping one another.”

Slough Lane Road Closure

The road closure is being moved from Hurst Lane to Broome Close. To avoid the congestion from through traffic that was experienced when Tot Hill was closed last year, plastic barriers will be placed across the top of Slough Lane with appropriate signage. Residents who want to use this route can of course remove the barriers but please ensure you replace them. As you will be aware this is a single track frequented by horse riders so please exercise caution.