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NewslettersSun, 19th January 2020

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The Parish Council delivers a newsletter to all houses in the village 2 or 3 times per year. This sections keeps an archive of recent newsletters.

Click on a newsletter below to download. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are subject to copyright.

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2012.Feb.docx (661.6KB) 2012.Feb.docx 661.6KB
2012.July.docx (5.4MB) 2012.July.docx 5.4MB
2012.Nov.docx (296.9KB) 2012.Nov.docx 296.9KB
2013.Spring.docx (1.2MB) 2013.Spring.docx 1.2MB
2013.Winter.pdf (491.2KB) 2013.Winter.pdf 491.2KB
2014.Spring.pdf (903.8KB) 2014.Spring.pdf 903.8KB
2014.Summer.pdf (812.3KB) 2014.Summer.pdf 812.3KB
2015.Spring.pdf (889.3KB) 2015.Spring.pdf 889.3KB
HPC Spring 2016 Newsletter.pdf (3.5MB) HPC Spring 2016 Newsletter.pdf 3.5MB