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   Statement from Headley Parish Council     27 July, 2016


Along with many residents, Headley Parish Council is shocked by the tragic turn of events at the party held in the village on Sunday evening/Monday morning. Our sympathies go to the families of the victim and we hope that those who were injured will recover speedily. Obviously the shooting is a criminal offence which is in the hands of the police. We welcome the assurances of the Surrey Police who beilieve this to be an isolated incident with no ongoing risk to Headley residents.

By coincidence our regular Parish Council meeting was due on Monday evening and this went ahead as usual. We were pleased that Surrey Police arranged for our local PCSO David Sadler to attend along with Chief Inspector Mark Preston. Several residents also attended including some close neighbours of the party venue.

Several people asked why the party had been given permission following problems of noise and inconvenience at a similar event in 2015. Both events had been covered by Temporary Event Notices (TENs) issued by Mole Valley District Council. Following the problems last year, the Parish Council had spoken to both Mole Valley and Surrey Police expressing concerns; the Parish Council had been advised by Mole Valley that the only organisations who are entitled to comment on TEN applications are the Police and Environmental Health. 

The Parish Council had hoped that its representations in 2015 would prevent the issuing of a TEN without agreed actions to avoid the problems of 2015. Obviously this did not happen. Indeed, the first time that residents and the Parish Council became aware of the 2016 party was early on Sunday evening.

At the Parish Council meeting Chief Inspector Preston said that he understood that Surrey Police and Mole Valley would be reviewing the process followed to issue the TEN for this year’s party with a view to assessing whether the correct procedures were followed and whether they could be improved. The Parish Council is fully supportive of this review and hopes that it will be invited to contribute.

The Parish Council believes that the review should include a review of:

  • What critieria are used to balance the rights of event organisers to hold events against the impact of noise and inconvenience on other residents;
  • Under what circumstances Parish Councils (or other community organisations) should be consulted prior to the grant of a TEN, or formally advised of the grant of a TEN.

Finally, the Parish Council would like to thank Surrey Police for the professional way that they have approached their enquiries in the village.

The Parish Council does not plan to comment further on these events.


David Preedy - Headley Parish Council Chairman

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