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   Playground installed, but still closed - please bear with us!    3 April, 2014

You will hopefully have seen the building of the new playground over the last three weeks - it's looking fantastic and looks like a totally different site to the previous sad old one!! 

However, a lot of new turf has been laid, and this will take time to bed in and start to grow - without us trampling all over it!!  So the installers recommended that we keep it closed until the end of this month - hence you will see that it is still fenced off.  

We know you are itching to get in there, but if the turf gets ripped up, it will soon be closed again while we returf damaged areas - an expensive excercise too!

We have been very lucky with a local resident offering to water the turf each day, and neighbours offering their water supplies - thanks guys, we are very grateful.

There will also be an official opening day - we are hoping that Chelsea Football Club will be coming along and having beat the goalie games, medals etc. and we are currently discussing dates - likely to be sometime in May, but we will keep you posted.

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